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Our Work

At Bi-Systems Electric & Controls, we provide industrial electrical services, instrumentation services, laser engraving, water and wastewater treatment services and more. Our team of professionals knows their job and does it right the first time. Please take a look at our gallery to see how we've helped clients in our previous projects.

Flow bench

Used for velocity measurement of air as it passes through the chosen element. See the pictures of the flow bench for proving and calibrating.

Laser room

We utilize laser wire labelling for adding manufacturer and product identification. See our pictures of what our laser machine does, as well as our wire tag labeller and terminal tag labeller.

Custom control panels

We provide industry-specific CCPs for a broad range of applications. Here are some of the custom control panels, VFDs, starter panels, PLC's and network cabinets we can build, test, and certify in our shop.

Pressure test bench

Test benches are ideal for calibrating gauges, sensors, transducers and more. See our photos from our test bench we use to test and calibrate any pressure device.



Water treatment

We use RO, UV and Greensand filtration for treating water. View before and after pictures of water treatment facility upgrades we did.

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